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Be Careful What You Wish For (Saga of the New Gods, #1)

Be Careful What You Wish For - Daniel  Black Did you like the POV? The POV wasn't as consistent as I would have liked it to be. The tones seemed to change as if more than one person was telling the story and it didn't work for all of the book. I strong, consistent POV might have been better for this book.

Does each character have depth? Some more than others. This is the first book so the following books in the series may offer more background to the current characters be it their past or future. All in, the focus was balanced between the main characters (Michelle & Adam) and their friends.

Would you recommend this book? If I hadn't been given the book to review, I wouldn't have bought it based on the cover. His writing is descriptive and easy to follow and I really liked the idea that he based the story on the simple concept of - be careful what you wish for.

Disclosure - As a Quality Reads Book Club member, I received a free copy of this book from the author via Orangeberry Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.