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Children of the Fog

Children of the Fog - Cheryl Kaye Tardif Did the plot pull you in or did you feel you had to force yourself to read the book? Because we were discussing the book at the book club, I had to force myself to stop reading so I wouldn't get ahead. This is a book that will pull you in, emotionally or storywise and you'll want to drop everything so you can finish this book.
Favourite scene …. When Sadie is looking through old photographs and she spots the strange man looking at Sam. Any mother would have had the same reaction as Sadie and for a minute, you think, can the story be that simple. Fortunately, no. And the reader is taken on a ride of twists, and hair standing thrills.
Favourite quote … "
It had been difficult and awkward at first, but Sadie realized that the past had its place. In the past. Right now, she desperately needed a friend, and Leah was her best friend, her soul sister, a piece of her heart." When you first find out what Leah has done, the reader cannot help but hate her a little but when Sadie has to face so much on her own, the reader understands when they finally reconcile.