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Her Books Presents: Book Club Picks

Her Books Presents: Book Club Picks - Steena Holmes,  Rachel Thompson,  Christine Nolfi,  Elena Aitken,  Bette Lee Crosby,  Patricia Sands,  Karla Darcy,  Kathleen Valentine Cover. One of the most adorable covers we've seen in a long time. The pastel shades and coloured flip flops give an immediate hint that you can expect women's fiction and you won't be disappointed.
What did the title have to do with the book? This book offers eight samples from different books and authors. The book club has been really honoured to read books from most of these fabulous authors with the exception of Elena Aitken, Kathleen Valentine and Karla Darcy. Why bother reading samples when you can read the whole book? With the sea of books available these days, this sampler offers readers a good opportunity to pick your favourite read.
Would you recommend this book? Most certainly especially to book clubs or groups who would like a collection of stories with a particular theme. While most stories are focused on women's fiction, they each carry a bond of friendship, family or love. You cannot step away from this sampler without feeling touched in some way.