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The Morph (Gate-Shifters, #1)

The Morph - J.C. Andrijeski List major events in the story in the correct order. Dakota is a private investigator. goes into an alley and ends up in a different planet. She ends becoming a "lock-holder" of some kind to the alien being she follows back. Dakota can't seem to leave the planet she is on.

How did you feel about the main character? I liked Dakota. For such a shocking experience, she seemed to take things well and was very witty. We enjoyed discussing her characteristics during book club meetings.

Describe what is happening in the first illustration in the book. Dakota is talking about her experience as a private investigator. I especially liked the bit where she says she can't make the cops look like jerks (because that is how good she was).

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.