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Time and Space

Time and Space - Shireen Jeejeebhoy Was the book description accurate? The book description definitely let me know what to expect and I loved the names of the characters - Time, Space and Hope. Ironically, when we were discussing this book, the movie "In Time" with Justin Timberlake was showing on Paytv. The play with words and their double meanings definitely made this book interesting.

How did you feel about the opening / ending sequences of the book? I preferred the ending. Throughout the book, you feel like you're in a race and sometimes pushed between time and space. But as the book ends and things are wrapped up, you can't help but appreciate such excellent writing.

Was this book worth reading? Yes, this is a definite read. It won't be a light read but if you want a book that makes you think and sucks you in, this is definitely the book for you.

Disclosure - I received a complimentary copy from the author which did not affect my honest opinion.