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Murder on the First Day of Christmas (Chloe Carstairs Mysteries) (Volume 1)

Murder on the First Day of Christmas - Billie Thomas Describe 2 different settings or locations. Chloe, Amanda, and Cassie decorating the Piped Pipers. I enjoyed hearing how Amanda would set Chloe up with anyone nice looking. I think this is something all mothers try with their children.

Chloe talking about her latest dates and how horrible each was in their own way.

Were you able to connect with the main character and why? I easily connected with Chloe. She had several characteristics similar to me.

Which did you find more appealing, the introduction or the conclusion? I enjoyed the conclusionmore than the introduction.

Why would you recommend or not recommend this book? I recommend this book to anyone who loves reading mystery/whodunit books.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.