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Review: Return of the Outlaw by C.M. Curtis

Return of the Outlaw - C.M. Curtis
What were the main relationships explored in this book? One man goes against the people who are intent on destroying him so they are multiple relationships like family, friend and enemy that are explored. The key question in the book is how much would it take to break Havens? Physically, mentally and emotionally, he is pulled apart in every way possible and Curtis does an excellent job at keeping the reader in suspense on how far Havens will go and how much he’ll have to endure. 

What I liked about the book … The book was well-written, its language elegant, the story flowed and the main character is strong. Their situations are believable and have enough impact on the reader that you won’t quickly forget about these characters. 

Favourite character(s) … Jeff Havens, who else? He was the combination of Gary Cooper (High Noon), Clint Eastwood and Cary Grant. I’m not sure if it was entirely necessary that he had to endure so much but it is through these incidences you are able to see how driven he is at setting things right.  

Disclosure - As a Quality Reads Book Club member, I received a free copy of this book from the author via Orangeberry Book Tours in exchange for my honest review.
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